Cardinal Batters: Production by the Pound

The Cardinals’ offense has been discussed at length this season, it is time to break down the players P3 (points per pound) and see just who measures up in a “Bang Per Hunk” theory.

Ludwick’s Return Puts Front Office In A Bind

Add one more to the mix — Ryan Ludwick smashed his 2nd long ball in two games with Memphis and looks ready to rejoin the big club. Who does he replace on the roster and what other moves may be close?

New Look Cardinals Continue To Cruise

St. Louis needs a jolt in the clubhouse…really? Someone may want to alert the Cardinals, who just smashed the defending NL Champs again for their 7th straight victory.

Surprising Frustrations: The Cardinal Players Of The First Half

Fans expect a certain level of play from the players on their team. How do the Cardinal players stack up to expectations?