Concluding The WAR On The Trades Of The GMDM Era

In the final piece of this series, we use the WAR data to finish taking a look at the trades that Dayton pulled off in 2010, and try to determine what all of this really means.

The Smartest Move Of The Dayton Moore Era

The free-agent signing of Jeff Francis to a one-year contract is the best thing DM has done – and it’s a move that will help the Royals in the long term.

What’s In The Cupboard For KC In 2011

Billy Butler and the Boys in Blue are facing an organizational turning point. What offseason moves does the team need to make to set the stage?

NYT: Guillen Left Off Giants’ Postseason Roster Because Of HGH Investigation

Team officials originally cited a neck injury as the reason the former Royal was left off the postseason roster.