Freak Cardinal Injuries

Matt Holliday’s bruised tendon is only the latest bizarre injury to hit a Cardinal. Mike takes a look at some other ones.

Opening Day Starters: 1976 – 1994

In Part 2 of this series on opening day pitchers, we will take a look at the hurlers that took the first baseball of the new season immediately following the retirement of Bob Gibson up to the arrival of Tony La Russa in 1995.

The Rise Of Joaquin Andujar

When asked who his favorite player was, Whitey Herzog answered without hesitation, Joaquin Andujar. The self-proclaimed “one mean Dominican” was temperamental, hot-headed and might say the craziest things in an interview. He also pitched some of the best baseball we’ve ever seen in St. Louis.

October 20, 1982 – The Other Other Game 7

Last week, Michael Metzger took us back to Game 7 of the 1987 World Series with his article, The Other Game 7. It was truly an amazing game that had more plot twists than a Dan Brown novel. With the 25th anniversary coverage of the 1985 World Series last month, that leaves just one more Game 7 for the Cardinals in the Whitey Herzog era. That would be October 20, 1982: The Other Other Game 7.

25th ANNIVERSARY: Game 3 Recap

October 22, 1985: The Royals defeated the Cardinals 6-1 in Game 3 of the World Series.