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UCB Roundtable: The Designated Hitter and Perpetual Interleague Play

February brings Spring Training, baseball games, and baseball discussions back into the forefront of our minds.  Meanwhile, every February the United Cardinal Bloggers host their first roundtable discussions of the year.

The premise is simple, one writer asks a question and the other writers from around the UCB get a chance to answer with their thoughts about the St. Louis Cardinals.  This continues from day to day for three weeks and concludes with a question from the man himself, Daniel Shoptaw.  You can follow along over at the official UCB site by clicking here.

This year, i70baseball was tapped on the shoulder to open the discussions up.  The question I posed to the group centered around the changes in baseball this year:

This year, Major League Baseball will engage in perpetual interleague play.  For the first time, interleague games will be played throughout the season, taking away the ability to adjust rosters based off of new requirements.  No longer can the Cardinals send a pitcher out for the week to pick up an extra bat.

With players like Carlos Beltran and Rafael Furcal, the DH has been used often in the past as a way to get a veteran an extra “day off” without losing his production in the lineup.  Some players are uncomfortable with the routine of a DH, sitting and effectively pinch hitting three of four times a game, and would prefer to be more involved.

So the question is this:

Will perpetual interleague play help or harm the Cardinals this season?  Why do you feel the way you do?

The answers are displayed in the slide show below, with the author’s site logo being displayed with their answer.  Please take the time to look through all of the answers and visit the various author’s websites to read through the various voices of the UCB.

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Christine - Aaron Miles Fastball

My opinion is it’s not really going to affect them much either way. As Dathan said, it’s not just the Cardinals facing this in a vacuum – every other team is as well, so every other manager is going to have the challenge of balancing his lineup differently. To me that’s the key: how Mike Matheny is going to handle it. It’s more of a responsibility for him to find the right piece to plug into the DH spot on the right day for it to not be a problem. The pieces are there – it’s what he does with them that will make the difference. Supposedly weak bench or not, I certainly haven’t heard or read any of the “experts” saying the Cardinals will be weak offensively, so having to use a DH at other times beyond the previous set interleague games shouldn’t make a difference.

Bill Ivie is the editor here at I-70 Baseball
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The 140 Club: Curated Twitter News Service Debuts

NEW YORK, June 12, 2012 – MLB.com, the official Web site of Major League Baseball, today announced the debut of The 140 Club (MLB.com/the140club), a curated news service for fans to see what the world is saying about baseball and what baseball is saying about the world via the popular social networking service.

This first edition of The 140 Club delivers more than a feed of hashtags or accounts. Supported by the power of Mass Relevance, Twitter’s official social curation and integration partner, MLB.com’s social media team selects the most talked about topics of the day and curates a live stream of the best tweets from around the world on those topics. Recent examples include the no-hitters by Johan Santana and the Seattle Mariners, the Interleague Play series sweeps by the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals, the College World Series and the Bradley-Pacquiao fight.

“Tweets connect us in groundbreaking ways to previously inaccessible points of view,” said Dinn Mann, Executive Vice President, Content, MLB.com. “We are delighted to leverage the reach of Twitter and tools of Mass Relevance to discover and share discussions and observations that rise above the noise. Baseball personalities, fans and celebrities are weighing in at a prolific pace on topics of all kinds, and The 140 Club is a reliable, entertaining place to get inside the ropes and eavesdrop or take part.”

“MLB.com continues to create engaging experiences that connect fans to baseball,” said Sam Decker, CEO of Mass Relevance. “By curating and surfacing the most important social conversations around baseball through the Mass Relevance platform, MLB.com is taking a strong social leadership position across all sports worldwide.”

The 140 Club on MLB.com also offers functionality for fans to search by an individual player’s Twitter account or an official team account. Future enhancements to the news service will include an archive for a retrospective look at the most talked about topics of the previous week.

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