Kansas City and the All Star “DNP” Tradition

The Royals host the All Star Game this year, and it is a huge event for Kansas City. But the hopes of KC fans that their team would be well represented at home were disappointed.

The Royals in the Draft: KC Struck Out in the Late 90s

The Royals were often referred to as “the model for expansion teams” during their first decade of existence. But during the later part of the 1990s they could serve as … Read More

A Week of Mixed Results

The Royals cannot afford to leave a small village of base runners every single night.

Taking a Look…

Solid pitching, timely hitting and executing on defense are the ways to win ball games. If the Royals can do that, they can compete with anyone.

Prince Albert Does Not Belong in Royal Blue

See why Albert Pujols should stay a Cardinal for life… from a Kansas City perspective.