Previewing the Cardinals 2014 Schedule

Yesterday afternoon, the Cardinals released the details of their schedule for the 2014 season. Here are a few of the highlights and series of note for the upcoming season.

Birds Eye View Preview: The Battle for I-70, Part 1

Once again, the battle for I-70 is about to get underway. However, this season, it’s going Hatfield’s and McCoy’s style, as the week will be literally a trek up and down the highway for one of the few back-to-back “natural rival” home-and-home interleague series.

A Look Back: 1982 – Game Six

The series returns to St. Louis with the Cardinals needing to win both games in order to capture the championship.

A-T-L In The S-T-L: What The L To Look For

By the time the sun sets on Sunday, the Cardinals could be as much as 10 ½ games out of the wildcard race, or be as close as 4 ½, in the event of either team sweeping the other.

A Word On The Series

Roughly two hundred and fifty miles apart, one team falls to the American League, the other to the National. Contrast is a better descriptor than comparison, but simply by relative location, a rivalry is created.