Who Stands To Gain From The Loss Of Taveras?

The Cardinals’ top prospect was sent to minor league camp on Thursday after only two appearances. But the spring is all about seizing the opportunities, so who does his demotion from the Opening Day picture benefit the most?

St. Louis Cardinals in bind after Michael Wacha demotion

The St. Louis Cardinals had their choice of two pitchers to send to the minor leagues Friday when righthanded starter Jake Westbrook returned from injury.

The Harsh Realities Of Big League Baseball

We tend to forget that professional baseball players are real people, with real feelings, real emotions, and real problems.

Ludwick’s Return Puts Front Office In A Bind

Add one more to the mix — Ryan Ludwick smashed his 2nd long ball in two games with Memphis and looks ready to rejoin the big club. Who does he replace on the roster and what other moves may be close?