Patience is the only option for Cardinal pen

Entering the season, one of the easy strengths for the Cardinals was the bullpen. However, what’s gold doesn’t always glitter, and the bullpen has been remarkably dull in the early season, and already has the team searching for new answers on a daily basis.

The Winter Warm Up Files: Spring Has Almost Sprung

Spring Training is about a month or so away for the St. Louis Cardinals, and plenty of intrigue surrounds the team as they head for Florida.


Yesterday, three finalists were named at each position for Gold Glove winners. As expected, Alex Gordon and Jeff Francoeur made the cut. Gordon finished with league highs at his position … Read More

Double-A Championship Is Meaningless – But Not Worthless

The Royals’ Double-A team has won the league championship, and Royals fans can find hope in that – if not immediate help

Cardinals Play At The Level Of Their Opponent

There is no other way to explain why the team keeps losing to poor teams.