St. Louis Cardinals 2017 Keys: Aledmys Diaz

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The dawn of Spring Training is just around the corner. Coverage for the last few months has focused on changes. Now, the focus becomes projections. What are the keys to success? Who can a team rely on.

For the St. Louis Cardinals, one of the biggest keys is Aledmys Diaz.

You’ve no doubt heard of Diaz by now. The casual fan probably couldn’t say the same thing this time last year. His unexpected arrival in 2016 changed that.

This time last year, Diaz was still just a minor league player, brought in on a free agent contract after defecting from Cuba. The Cardinals signed him in hopes that he was the future as their shortstop. An injury to Jhonny Peralta seemed to open the door. The signing of Miguel Tejada seemed to close it just as fast.

But Diaz had a strong spring. Tejada sustained an injury of his own. It seemed the team was forced to bring Diaz with them to the big leagues on Opening Day. A move that many felt was rushing his progress.

The book on Diaz going into last season was a simple one. He can hit. He can run. He can’t field. He was seen as a liability on defense. That was the area of his game the team wanted him to focus on at Triple A Memphis. Now, he would have to focus on it on the big stage.

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