St. Louis Cardinals General Manager Mozeliak Answers A Few Questions

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak

John Mozeliak, the St. Louis Cardinals General Manager, is one of the most open, frank and to-the-point men in his role. While information about what he may or may not do on the free agent or trade markets are often speculation, when presented with straight forward questions, he tends to provide some straight forward answers.

Recently, the group known as the United Cardinal Bloggers had the opportunity to ask Mozeliak a few questions. He then sat down and provided some answers to the questions he felt he could ask and combined some of the questions with others to save some time. I-70 Baseball was privileged enough to ask a few questions and have some answers provided.

While it can be nice to see what a person like Mozeliak is thinking when it comes to players, teams and what he evaluates are the easy questions, the approach here was a little different. The first question attempted to gain a peek behind the curtains. With the Winter Meetings about to begin and the General Manager Meetings recently concluded, Mozeliak gave us a glimpse of a day in the life of a general manager at these functions:

Winter meetings are less structured than the GM meetings, and what I mean by that is there’s not necessarily a lot of industry meetings that the General Manager has to attend. It’s more about meeting with agents and perhaps, trade discussions with other teams. Days can be very long. Usually they start around 7:30 a.m. and end sometimes at midnight or 1:00 a.m.; it just depends on the type of business. It’s an exciting time because even if you’re not overly active there’s still a lot of stuff being thrown up against the wall, but you have to remain disciplined. You certainly don’t want to go down there and make a bad decision.

Some times, the way a question is asked can backfire. Asking a pointed question gets a short, exact response that doesn’t always give a ton of information. That said, it is easy to derive what the answer could mean and get a bit of a feeling for the kind of person you’re working with.

The next question would yield those results. Examining baseball’s past and using Doc Brown’s Delorean for a bit, who would John Mozeliak go back in time and sign to play for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2016?

Lou Gehrig

Short and sweet, for sure. But analyze the answer for a bit and you may find some very telling solutions to the current ball club. A team that has been riddled with injuries and inconsistency at first base could certainly benefit from a player like the “Iron Horse”. He is a run producer, always in the lineup and in the middle of the lineup at that. While Gehrig is a player that maybe Mozeliak enjoyed growing up, it’s easy to see the benefit of that specific type of player in today’s climate in St. Louis.

The final question Mozeliak agreed to answer here at I-70 was again aimed at learning a bit more about the man. In today’s day and age of information and technology, the world is an open book to people around the industry. Some people avoid the internet to avoid the rumors and over-analyzing that happens at every turn. Some relish in the information and admit to frequenting websites often.

What about Mozeliak? Does he visit sites (such as MLB Trade Rumors or ESPN Insider) to keep his finger on the pulse of the market? Does he see such information as fan based and not relevant?

I use them all the time. I probably read many of the people’s blogs that are writing today or listening. I read a lot.

It’s interesting to see that a GM of a Major League Baseball club finds internet sites useful and worthwhile. Maybe the question should have been more self-serving to find out if he might see this article as well?

A little insight into the man that has put together one of baseball’s most successful franchises is always appreciated.

Now to see what comes of the Winter Meetings for the Cardinals…

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