Bike Spokes and Shoe Boxes – Cryptozoic Sons of Anarchy Seasons 4&5


It is with much excitement that I write our first review for Cryptozoic Entertainment! Producing entertainment cards with fans and collectors in mind, Cryptozoic releases represent a cross section of pop culture. Unlike traditional sport card sets with cards of players from every team, Cryptozoic sets tell the story of a series or movie. These sets are smaller in total cards then most sports card sets and usually a complete set in included in each box. As such these reviews will be slightly different as the ‘base set completion” will almost always be 100%. I hope my thoughts, recommendations and card pictures will help make you as excited for these cards releases as I am! I welcome your thoughts and comments too!

As always base and inserts cards are free! (just provide a SASE) Now let’s get revved up for Sons of Anarchy!

The 72 card base set shows keys scenes of the television series from the fourth and fifth seasons. I will admit that I do not follow “SoA’ as much as I follow other series that Cryptozoic makes sets of, (Walking Dead anyone?) but the sharp image still can really bring you into the story. The cards are glossy on both the front and back. The card fronts are bordered on the top and bottom with a gold colored graphic. The card backs are photo-less and have either a description or a quote form the scene shown on the front. In addition to a complete 72 card base set I also pulled a complete 9 card “Gallery” subset and a complete “Character Profile” subset, (a continuation from previous season releases. I also pulled 20 base card duplicates 4 insert duplicates, 1 autograph card (1:24 packs) 1 wardrobe card (1:24 packs) and one temporary tattoo (1:24 packs). The autograph is on-card. The card design itself is simple and straight forward, just what you would expect from a card set about a motor cycle club!

The box break down is as follows:
24 packs per box
5 cards per pack

Cryptozoic Sell Sheet

Base cards:



The Hits:
Thanks to Cryptozoic for making this review possible!

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