Kansas City Royals Launch 2015 Ad Campaign, Branding Team and Fans “Forever Royal”

Kansas City Royals Jarrod Dyson

KANSAS CITY, MO (February 2, 2015) – After showing the baseball world they’ve earned the right to wear a crown on their sleeves and the word “Royals” across their chests, the defending American League Champions debuted their new advertising campaign and tagline, “Forever Royal”

“Something truly magical happened last year – not just in October, but all season long,” said Michael Bucek, Royals Vice President-Marketing & Business Development.  “At The K and throughout the region, the relationship between the Royals players and fans was transformed in a very personal and permanent way.  And we think ‘Forever Royal’ is a campaign that brings those memories and emotions front and center.”

The ad agency behind the campaign is Walz Tetrick Advertising, now in its third year supporting the Royals.

“This was a story that went beyond Kansas City.  Every baseball fan in America saw how the Royals fans and the players came together,” added WTA president Charlie Tetrick.  “You had all these loyal fans who remember what it was like in 1985, but no one under 30 was here for that.  Suddenly, there’s a whole new generation of fans who have experienced that feeling.  And in sharing those moments, we’ve all become ‘Forever Royal.’”

The campaign launched Sunday, February 1, on the world’s biggest advertising stage with a local commercial during the Super Bowl.  In the spot, memorable postseason highlights are projected onto famous Kansas City landmarks such as the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Bartle Hall, Union Station and the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts.  A voiceover announcer says, “From every seat in The K to every corner of the city, a dream became a challenge, a goal became a promise, and each of us became ‘Forever Royal.’”

Walz Tetrick creative director Jeff Chase says the new work is a natural extension of last year’s “Be Royal” campaign.  “It’s still about the unique qualities that make this team royal.  It’s about the way the team is built, how they play defense and grind out runs, and the character of the guys in the clubhouse.  But when you look at how the fans embraced the team in October, that’s a whole new level.  That’s ‘Forever Royal.’”

In addition to the TV spot during the big game, Walz Tetrick also created a spectacular outdoor billboard to launch the campaign to KC area commuters.  Since base stealing is such an important part of the club’s game plan, this year’s board features the fleet feet of outfielder Jarrod Dyson as he burns the base path – and the billboard itself – on his way to second base.  Featuring charred plywood and glowing embers, the billboard can be seen on southbound I-35 just west of Cambridge Circle in Kansas City, Kan.

This is the third-straight year the Royals have launched the campaign with innovative billboard techniques.  In 2013, there were two boards on opposite sides of I-35.  On one board, James Shields was finishing his pitching delivery.  On the other board, Salvador Perez awaited the pitch, but the ball tore the billboard vinyl on the way to the catcher’s mitt.  Last year, Alex Gordon was seen sliding head first into second base, tearing the billboard vinyl off the structure as he slid.

“The billboard has become a bit of a tradition in our preseason marketing efforts,” said Bucek.

The “Forever Royal” campaign will be seen throughout the preseason and regular season in television and radio ads, outdoor boards, newspaper ads, online banners and social media.

Season tickets for the Royals 2015 season are currently on sale and available online at www.royals.com, by phone at (816) 504-4040 or at the Kauffman Stadium Box Office.

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