This One’s For You 2014: A Little Bit Of Home

Throughout tonight’s This One’s For You broadcast, the announcers will share their thoughts and reflections on the annual telecast.  The reflections include personal thoughts on the meaning of the event as well as a favorite moment from each broadcaster.  What follows is the transcription of some of those moments from the team at Fox Sports Midwest.

This One's For You Al Hrabosky

Favorite moment

“I think the very first one we did, and the reason it stood out to me is the fact that we had a lengthy rain delay. We weren’t sure about the communication, the soldiers stayed with us, and I remember us doing the show with Joe Buck and there was a moment — I’m starting to get goosebumps and chills just thinking about it — as we got an email from a mother, saying her son was over in Iraq at the time, but grandpa was at the stadium with the sergeant’s two kids and they had a sign. We found that sign and we pulled the sergeant up and sat him down in the chair and just the emotions that he had looking at his two lovely children and his father I mean it was almost priceless. But also once he went back and sat down with the others every one of his teammates were just patting him on his back, they were just so happy that somebody in the group really got a chance to see what it was like back home.”

Meaning of the event

“Well I think it’s very special. Last year when I went to Fort Hood and met with some of the personnel that we were going to see in Afghanistan on the night that we did the show and I remembered some of the faces, I remembered some of the guys, some of the kidding that was going on, but it means so much to them and we’ve heard that from guys when they return.

“One time a father was deployed and then the wife was deployed the next year and so just to bring a little bit of St. Louis, a little bit of home. It means so much to these kids and we can’t say enough thank yous to them for the job that they do.”

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