This One’s For You 2014: Waking Up Early

Throughout tonight’s This One’s For You broadcast, the announcers will share their thoughts and reflections on the annual telecast.  The reflections include personal thoughts on the meaning of the event as well as a favorite moment from each broadcaster.  What follows is the transcription of some of those moments from the team at Fox Sports Midwest.

This One's For You Pat Parris

Favorite moment

“At the end of the last couple of This One’s For You telecasts we’ve had wives of soldiers who were stationed overseas come on with us, and you can see and hear the emotion they have about the entire night and then generally we’ve had a taped message from that solider back to the wife and she gets to watch it and you can tell that it means a lot to them and it’s appreciated what we do to bring the telecast to their loved-one overseas.”

Meaning of the event

“The fact that they are up at four in the morning watching is kind of part of the fun of the whole thing. To see them before we go on the air, we get the live shot. There’s a few of them there and then there’s a few more, and by the time the game is underway, we see a big crowd of Cardinals fans rooting them on and then you get the cut away where we show them cheering after a Cardinals run, and so I think that’s one of the things that I remember about it, is them waking up so early just to see the Cardinals.”

Pat Parris hosts the postgame show on Fox Sports Midwest

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