This One’s For You 2014: A Slice Of Baseball

Throughout tonight’s This One’s For You broadcast, the announcers will share their thoughts and reflections on the annual telecast.  The reflections include personal thoughts on the meaning of the event as well as a favorite moment from each broadcaster.  What follows is the transcription of some of those moments from the team at Fox Sports Midwest.

This One's For You Dan McLaughlin

Favorite moment

“When I think about This One’s For You, one of my favorite moments if not my favorite moment was having a wife that was in our booth, her husband was deployed an she had not seen him for months, almost a year and saw him on camera. The minute she saw him, she broke down and then later because of the delay with the satellite and the feed we could see him braking down and then you got an understanding of how emotional that night can be, what it means to them and hopefully we are delivering a small piece of goodness that we can bring to them.”

Meaning of the event

“We enjoy our baseball game for the night, hopefully we give them a slice of St. Louis, a slice of baseball, a slice of freedom back home, and that’s what makes this so important…It’s something we can do making baseball secondary that night to let them know that they are not forgotten and we love them and we want them to get back home safely.”

“We are a very small piece of trying to make that night special it is all about them, the players, the game, they all take a back seat to family members, to sons, to daughters, to grandparents, they are the ones that should be front and center so for us to be able to do this to be able to be a small piece of it it’s humbling.”

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