This One’s For You 2014: Separated From Baseball

This One's For You Afganistan

So you got a new job. Congratulations, my friend!

During your interview you asked all the right questions of your new employer. In fact, I happen to know they were particularity impressed with the one about ‘the qualities of successful people in this company’ you found the night before in US News and World Report.

You negotiated as hard as you could and walked away with an extra personal day and .5% more override on your commission checks. Well done.

A few weeks later you’re in the office and realize that your mouse is REALLY slow. The guy in the next cube over needs an Axe intervention. And the pens they buy here? Garbage.

Stick to razors, Bic.

At no point did you think about these things when taking this job – who would? – but now that you’re back in a groove these are the tribulations you’ll be bitching about tonight at happy hour.

We share this bond with our military men and women all over the world.

But instead of jammed staplers and smelly office mates, the things they probably didn’t think about before starting a new job are much more suckier…

Like missing pretty much every freaking baseball game.

Here’s a FB post from my cousin. He’s a Marine. And after finally getting to place with internet service for a game? Rain delay.

This One's For You FB Post

Not cool, Mother Nature. Not cool at all.

You, me – a vast majority of people reading this are appreciative of our servicemen and women. But when it comes down to it, we don’t have the first clue on what it’s like to live in Afghanistan or Soto Cano or any other military post around the world.

So when you see all the images and videos of troops watching the Cardinals game tonight, think about all the little annoyances at your office you ‘endured’ today. And as soon as you start to whine about them, contemplate having one of those annoyances be getting separated from baseball.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll start to get an appreciation for how hard it really is to be in the military.

Here’s to all that serve. Enjoy the game.

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