This One’s For You 2014: Through The Eyes Of Al

Throughout tonight’s This One’s For You broadcast, the announcers will share their thoughts and reflections on the annual telecast.  The reflections include personal thoughts on the meaning of the event as well as a favorite moment from each broadcaster.  What follows is the transcription of some of those moments from the team at Fox Sports Midwest.

This One's For You Rick Horton

Favorite moment

“I’ve always seen this broadcast through the eyes of Al Hrabosky, I know as a former veteran himself, this day has always been a big part of the season for him and something that really brings emotion for Al; and every time I think of this particular broadcast, I see it through the eyes of my dear friend Al.”

Meaning of the event

“I learned a number of years ago from a captain in the service who met us in a Cardinals Caravan. I learned from him that these broadcasts are really important. He talked about the moral of the troops and having served over seas. He was saying with very strong language to former and current Cardinals that this is a meaningful thing to him and don’t ever think it doesn’t matter. It’s kind of humbling for us because we realize that it’s just a baseball game, and we realize that it’s just one day, but if we can bring that king of meaning to our service men and women then it’s all worth it.”

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