This One’s For You 2014: You Almost Forget

Throughout tonight’s This One’s For You broadcast, the announcers will share their thoughts and reflections on the annual telecast.  The reflections include personal thoughts on the meaning of the event as well as a favorite moment from each broadcaster.  What follows is the transcription of some of those moments from the team at Fox Sports Midwest.

This One's For You Jim Hayes

Favorite moment

“It’s not one particular thing from a broadcast that I remember, it’s that we think about the servicemen overseas putting their lives in harm’s way… and there’s so many of them and we’re so grateful for what they do, but you almost forget… that… back home, they have families, and extended families. And when you see all those families at Busch Stadium, they’re supporting their loved ones overseas… That’s the thing that gets me. And then the support system that these families have in each other, because obviously they understand what they’re going through, and they can empathize with the other families. That’s what really gets me, is that it’s not just the people overseas bravely serving their country, and the commitment they make… There’s a lot of commitment from the families that have to do without their loved ones right here in the United States, and that is underscored in our broadcast.”

Meaning of the event

“The fact that we can bring some of our servicemen and women overseas a little slice of home is so rewarding, because I’m sure especially for the Cardinals fans serving… just watching the game can be a distraction from what has to be a hectic and dangerous lifestyle. And the fact that there’s also a connection because many of them are watching the game overseas wherever they may be stationed, and they realize their loved ones may be watching the game at home, or even at Busch Stadium as part of our telecast… so there’s that connection too. I’m sure it makes them feel closer to home on so many levels.”

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