Kansas City Royals Mock Draft: Last Minute Picks and Predictions

The Kansas City Royals will enter the 2014 first-year player draft in an unfamiliar position for them.  Their first pick of the draft will come as the 17th pick overall.  The Royals have picked lower than eighth just once in the last nine years, according to Dick Kaegel of MLB.com.  That pick, which was used to select Aaron Crow, came as the No. 12 choice in 2009.

It creates a different strategy for general manager Dayton Moore.  He will have to be ready to adjust quickly before that first pick, as selections before him could greatly impact who the team targets.  Who the team may target seems to be anyone’s guess.

The team can stick with their tendencies and draft pitching early on.  That tendency is not always set in stone and they have targeted hitting.  The current makeup of the team would suggest that a high-value hitter would not be unwelcome.  Of course, the team can always take the path of least resistance and simply draft the best player available at the time, regardless of position.

There are three clear-cut possibilities for the Royals that fit into those three strategies.

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