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The St. Louis Cardinals are the defending National League champions.  They have a stocked farm system that makes many jealous of their future success.  They have young talent at almost every position and veteran leadership at the others.


When you talk to the fanbase, however, you simply would not realize that is the case.  Through May 18, the team sits in second place in the National League Central division.  It trails the Milwaukee Brewers by a slim four-game margin.  Its record sits at 23 wins and 21 losses.  To the fans in and around St. Louis, it appears the season is a loss.

The United Cardinal Bloggers come together frequently to collaborate on content.  This month, multiple sites exchanged questions in a mailbag format.  The result is a snapshot of the feeling of fans around the country.

The questions are varied and tend to echo the general sentiment that the team is not what anyone expected it to be thus far in 2014.  It is an interesting look at the atmosphere around the St. Louis Cardinals this season.

For more questions and answers from various sites around the Internet, visit the United Cardinal Bloggers‘ official website.

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