Kansas City Royals Spring Training Stock Watch: Who Is Rising and Who Is Falling

The Kansas City Royals prepare for their season in Surprise,Ariz., every year.  The excitement level surrounding the club during spring training in recent years has greatly increased.


The excitement is deserved.  The team is playing well, players they are depending on are producing and they seem to have the right pieces in most every spot you look.  The Royals are on the verge of discovering the success that has eluded them for more than 20 years.

Along the way, the players on the field tend to see their stock rise and fall.  Quality production, staying healthy and consistent work will lead to a rise in stock.  Failing to stay healthy and on the field, not being a veteran leader or finding yourself suddenly in minor league camp can bring that stock down.

The Royals have their fair share of news this spring.  A quick look around can show the varying stock of six players.

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