Conversations With A Blogger: Mike Grabowski

The month of August is coming to a close which means the United Cardinal Bloggers have another assignment for their member blogs.  This month, the bloggers take time to get to know each other and share those thoughts with you.  It is everything you want to know about a blogger, even when you didn’t want to know us at all.


Mike Grabowski is the guy you’ll read about here on i70baseball as he took some time to answer a few questions for me.

It is important to point out, first and foremost, that Mike is a successful salesperson in the Chicago area who has a girlfriend and does not live in his parent’s basement.  Take that, stereotypes!  It is also important to note that whether or not Mike actually lives in his parent’s basement or has a non-imaginary girlfriend is based strictly on him telling me otherwise and no fact-checking has been performed, I’m taking him at his word.

Mike writes for “Red Birds, Yellow Bat” which is part of the Cards Conclave.  He relies on sabermetrics to drive his discussions, though he doesn’t weigh his articles down with statistical analysis.  His style is easy to read, humorous and timely.  It’s nice to see him putting that English degree from University of Iowa to work in the lucrative world of blogging.

My singular qualification for being here is a short-lived blog entitled St. Louis Perfectos, where I once suggested the Cardinals provide Jaime Garcia sedatives before pitching on the road.  –Mike in his introduction for the Cards Conclave.

I asked Mike some questions.  Mike provided some answers.  Now we’ve come to share them with you:

Why blogging?

It’s a way for me to have some fun during the season and force myself to write a bit. It’s also nice to interact with the UCB members and have people to share the ups and downs of the season with.

Why the Cardinals?

Actually, when I decided to start a blog, I wanted to pick another team to write about or just focus on MLB in general. My feeling was that I’m too invested in the Cardinals and would just end up writing a bunch of post that made me sound like a crazed fan. Ultimately, I couldn’t deny my love of the Cardinals, so I just own my “Kozma has to go” posts.

Earliest baseball memory?

It’s probably not my earliest memory, but I remember the first time I saw Ozzie do the back flip in person. That type of thing will stick with you.

Favorite twitter account to follow?

I get a lot of enjoyment out of the feeds from various UCB members. My favorite non-Cardinal related Tweeter is Grant Brisbee (@mccoveychron).

You can spend time with one Cardinal, any Cardinal at all, and talk baseball. Who and why?

Stan. That’s the only answer, right? If it can’t be Stan, then Mozeliak pumped full of truth serum. Not that I think he’s hiding anything, but I want him to reveal his 5 year plan.

What should fans expect when they read something with your name in the byline?

Most of the time I have no idea what to expect.

Favorite current Cardinal?

Yadi. Duh.

Give Mike a follow on Twitter @RealGrabowski

You can read Mike’s work at Cards Conclave weekly.  Also, make sure to drop by the official United Cardinal Bloggers website and check out all the interviews being conducted, including Dan Buffa’s discussion with me.

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