The Steal Of Home

It is one of the lost plays in baseball.  Stealing home plate is a risky and dangerous move.


Stealing home has been attempted by very few players at and accomplished by even less.  What we are talking about here is not the “stolen base” that one gets when he is the runner on third in a double steal.  It’s not the “stolen base” that a player gets when he advances during a pick-off attempt.  The straight steal of home by a runner on third is a thing of beauty.

It’s rare and usually requires the stars to align in a specific way.  A lefty on the mound is a good start.  A right handed hitter improves the chances.  A great amount of speed and precise timing for the runner are imperative.

Here is the video from

The stars aligned on Tuesday night and Houston Astros’ rookie Jonathan Villar broke for the plate.  He surprised the announcers.  He surprised the pitcher.  He surprised the cameramen.  He even surprised his own hitter.  And he was safe.

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