Just Hit 74


There seems to be a trend recently where ballplayers are coming out against PEDs and stating the suspected player should be stripped of an award. But coincidentally  the player who is making the claim just HAPPENS to be the one who would benefit from it the most. Matt Kemp came out and said Ryan Braun should be stripped of his MVP Award from 2011. Kemp ended up second in voting that year.

Prior to that though, Chris Davis made comments about Roger Maris being the last “clean” player to set the homerun record. It was known that Davis was on pace set the American League record for most homeruns, but according to him, he can now set the Major League record! Quoting Davis:

“I do (think so) and the reason being, he was the last guy to do it clean, There’s a lot of things that have been said about the guys who have come after him and have achieved the record, but I think as far as the fans are concerned they still view Maris as being the all-time home run record [holder] and I think you have to. There’s no doubt that Barry and Mark and any of those guys had ridiculous seasons and had some great years, but I think when you get to the root of the record, I still think it’s Roger Maris’.”

He’s doing it for the fans you see, not because he gets to conveniently be the new leader.

I am a film critic along with writing about baseball. And it occurred to me that Davis is essentially calling out Bonds, McGwire and Sosa as villains, like in a movie. They were dirty, Maris is clean. Davis is clean. They were the dirty villains and he is the clean hero.

Another thing occurred to me. In the movies, the heroes don’t make excuses. To beat the villains, they have to defeat them even if the villain has an advantage. If the villain cheats, the heroes don’t scream that’s not fair and he’s cheating. They still defeat the villain.

The record is 73 homeruns. It was set in 2001. And there’s nothing Davis can do about that. Except he can hit 74 homeruns.

Through 102 games, he has 37 homeruns. The season is more than halfway over, and he is exactly halfway there. He is projected to fall short, so he may have to kick it up in the second half.

But it’ll be worth it, so just hit 74.

Like I said, the heroes in the movies don’t make excuses. In High Noon, Gary Cooper didn’t complain he was outnumbered, he fought valiantly and was the hero even though he was heavily outmatched. In Karate Kid, Daniel-san didn’t say he could only fight one of the members of Johnny’s gang. He fought them all. In Kill Bill, Beatrix didn’t just take on one member of the Crazy 88, she fought them all.

So just hit 74, Davis.

Because even if you overcome the Maris AL record of 61, you still won’t hit the most ever in a single season. Steroids or no steroids, the record will still be Barry Bonds with 73. And nothing you say to the press, or anything you surmise about how the fans feel, or any complaints of unfairness, even if justified, will change that. Only you can change that. You have the chance to be a hero and defeat a villain.

So just hit 74.

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