This One’s For You : Wearing The Flag On Your Arm And Heart

The game of baseball has long been “America’s favorite past time.” But another one of America’s past times is our Armed Forces. The men and women that stand up and fight for our freedom day in and day out truly hold a special place in all of our hearts.


Having a cousin currently in the United States Air Force, he proudly wears that flag on his arm and in his heart. Growing up, he always wanted to have his own set of wings. He loves to be able to fight for the country he loves and for those that cannot fight for themselves.

He has been able to see parts of the world never imaginable, and live in places never expected. He is proud to do his part and having not only his Illinois family, but his Air Force family as well. Above all, he loves being able to live out his dream.

To all of the men and women currently doing their part, we thank you. To all who have previously served with pride and honor, we thank you. It is much, much appreciated day in and day out. Thank you for lacing up those boots, standing tall, and defending that flag. You could get your own flag and pole on the online store as well.

Aim high, fly, fight, and win Richard Ranachowski. Thank you for being someone to look up to all of these years. This One’s For You.

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