This One’s For You: Tune In To Fox Sports Midwest

As the clock reaches 5:30 we now hand over the This One’s For You commentary to the team at Fox Sports Midwest for their annual broadcast.


We hope our readers have enjoyed the many different viewpoints that we have been able to bring to you today.  We have certainly enjoyed taking some time to acknowledge the men and women who server our country and to feature voices that are not normally part of i70baseball in doing so.

Our writers and many more combined to bring you 17 unique outlooks on tonight’s broadcast and our respect for members of the military.  Those articles are indexed here for your convenience:

I started it off with thoughts about my cousin and her family.
Kevin Reynolds took a look at a generation known as “The Greatest Among Us”.
Rob Rains explained how he is just now gaining a personal connection to the military.
Jenifer Langosch of reflects on her interactions with soldiers.
Tim Danielson took a look at a special set of cards.
Chris Reed expressed his thoughts on quiet reverence.
Jim Spurlock shared his views from a Kansas City Royals fan.
Joe Schwarz brought you a Cup of Joe full of Thank You’s.
Jennifer Gosline talks about taking freedom for granted.
Jennie Finch was kind enough to share her unacknowledged moments.
Aaron Hooks talked about Matt Damon and patriotism.
Daniel Shoptaw, known as “The Blogfather”, talked about the freedoms we all enjoy.
Nick Schaeflein wears the flag on his arm and his heart.
Cardinal broadcaster Dan McLaughlin recalls the importance of connecting families.
Jacob Mayer talks about soldiers reuniting with their families at baseball games.
Nick of PH8 fame explains what This One’s For You means to him.
Finally, Tara Wellman brings a powerful post to round out the day.

Thank you all for reading, for sharing, and for commenting throughout the day.

Of course, thank you to those that fight for our right to share our opinions openly in these forums.

This One’s For You.

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