This One’s For You: The Importance Of Connections

I am just like many fans in the fact that I really get into every game, pitch, and at bat.  It’s what I love to do in the summer.  Watch baseball!  However, for me, tonight’s game takes a back seat to our military.


It’s the 6th time we have done “This One’s For You” on FS-Midwest during a Cardinals telecast.  It’s our way to say thanks and to show our appreciation for our military.  While we hold major league players in such high regard, the reality is that the men and women of our military are the true heroes.

In year’s past, we have had some of the most memorable moments that I can ever remember broadcasting a baseball game.  It’s family and friends reconnecting with loved ones that they haven’t seen for months or even years.  For example, last season, a soldier’s wife was in our booth and had the chance to see and visit with her husband in Iraq.  She hadn’t seen him for over a year.  She was overcome at the sight of seeing her husband and father to their children.  That transcends any great moment that takes place on the field.  It was emotional, powerful, and made everyone step back and keep the game in perspective.  There are countless stories like just like that that have taken place over the years because of this broadcast.  There are so many stories just like that, that we will hear about tonight and after the telecast is done.

My article here doesn’t do it justice.  Just how important a night like this truly is.  It’s a chance for the troops to break away from their daily grind.  Albeit at 3:30 in the morning their time.  It’s a chance to give them just a little taste of home and to possibly see a loved one in the stands.  Undoubtedly, there will be those troops and family members that will tell us thank you for doing this.  They have it wrong.  We can’t say thank you to them enough.  We can’t tell them enough how much we truly appreciate their service to our country.  So, enjoy tonight and let them know they are missed.  They allow us to enjoy baseball, family, friends, and freedom.  To ALL our military, thank you, This One’s For You.

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