This One’s For You: Special moments of joy

Not many experiences are as touching as when a service man or woman comes home from war to reunite with their family. Those situations sadly don’t happen often enough, but they are special when they do, and they are fun for baseball fans when those reunions happen at the ballpark, especially as a surprise.


Many service members have chosen to keep their return home a secret until the perfect moment, just before a baseball game begins.

They work with the home team to have their spouse or children throw the ceremonial first pitch, the service member sits behind home plate behind a catcher’s mask to take the throw and then they discard the mask to surprise their family with their return.

Often, the reactions on both sides stir emotions stronger than anyone will experience during the game.

A family’s joy in that type of situation is more meaningful than anybody can experience during a baseball game, even a game when the home team wins a World Series game on a walkoff homerun in the 11th inning after twice being down to its final strike.

However, many people in the military are still deployed around the world, waiting for their moment to reunite with their family.

While they wait, some will at least get a glimpse of home during today’s “This One’s For You” broadcast of the St. Louis Cardinals game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Busch Stadium.

Whether they are home or many miles apart, hopefully this is a special day for our country’s true heroes and their families.

They deserve it.

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