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I have never been directly involved with anybody serving in the military in recent years, but that is about to change, and I know it will give me more appreciation and respect for the men and women in our armed forces.


The son of one of my best friends is about to be deployed with the Army in Afghanistan, and I know while this is a moment of pride for his family it also is a time of great concern. Those of us in the United States who take the service of these men and women for granted should be ashamed of ourselves, and I know I for one will be praying every day for Colin and the work he is doing, and that he will return home safely to his family when his service is over.

Colin is a great Cardinals fan, and having that connection to his team while he is serving overseas I know will be a source of joy and a link that will provide inspiration and an outlet for him and others serving with him. God bless all the men and women not only serving in the Middle East but throughout the world and at home. We are a better nation because of them, and none of us should ever take that for granted.

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