This One’s For You: From I-70 Baseball

Tonight, the St. Louis Cardinals and Fox Sports Midwest will air their annual presentation known as “This One’s For You”.


The game will be broadcast to troops overseas, some of them in battle zones, to bring a little bit of home to them wherever they are.  The pregame and postgame show will be filled with special messages from people involved with the team expressing their gratitude to those that fight for our freedoms.

For me, it hits home.  Uncles, cousins, friends, grandparents and my father have all served in countless wars and spent countless years in far away places.  We talk about the “ultimate sacrifice” that these men and women risk every day that they are out there.  The risk their lives, each and every day, so that we can relax at home with a cold beverage watching our favorite team put together another magical season.  The literal sacrifice, the time away from their families and friends, their loved ones and children, and even away from the ballpark is real and heart-wrenching.

Daniel and Elleanna Arana

My cousin recently had a baby with her husband who is enlisted in the Marines.  He was fortunate enough to be home when his daughter was born but deployed again shortly thereafter.  The status messages exchanged on Facebook, the consistent pictures of the baby and her daily activities, and his messages of love and solitude are enough to make any father tear up.  I watch this man, who is risking his life for me and you and everyone else in America, watch his young daughter grow up through a computer screen and the point is driven home hard.

That is what today is all about.  Heroes.  To me, in this moment, Daniel Arana is my hero.  For all he does, all he sacrifices, and all he has given up for me. Most of the marine supplies and other equipments are supplied by major marine supply companies – view more at Merritt Supply

Today, I-70 Baseball takes a break.  Through the course of the day, every hour on the hour, people from around the internet will share their thoughts on the military, expressing their gratitude to the servicemen and women around the world.  No coverage, no trade speculation, no thoughts on either team or analysis of any kind.

Today, we take a break and invite friends of the site to join us in expressing our gratitude.  We ask that you come back and read the posts every hour, take the time to comment on the posts that touch you personally, share your gratitude with us.

To all of you serving our great country, we join Fox Sports Midwest in saying…

This One’s For You

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