This One’s For You: For Our Troops

When trying to write about the military I simply cannot come up with the perfect words. There are no words powerful enough to describe the magnitude of respect I have for military personnel. How can I sum up in a couple of paragraphs what it means to have someone fight for me? How can I convey what it feels like to have someone risk their life to protect mine? To protect my rights? My freedom?


When I sit down and actually think about what it means to be free I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Think about it for a minute. Think about how right now, you are reading this post on this page as a free person. Drinking coffee. On your way to work. Or home with your family. Watching a baseball game. You have the freedom to choose your mode of transportation. The freedom to choose your way to make a living. The freedom to cheer for your favorite team. To speak your mind. Freedom. And who do we have to thank for that? Our men and women of the military and those serving our country. They fight for us and they do not even know us. They guard America so we can live and can make our own choices.

The least we can do is not take our freedom for granted. The least we can do is honor our troops during sporting events, and try to show what their sacrifice means to us. And now I am sitting here at my computer trying to put my thoughts in order about what to say and how to honor our troops, I do not think I can even capture what it means to the American people to have someone stand up on our behalf. To say these heroes endure physical and mental stress for our country is an understatement. And all I can do is come up with a pitiful – thank you. I do not know how else to express it, but thank you. That is the least I can do for the immeasurable gift they give to the American people.

So, to our troops: Thank you for serving our country. Thank you for risking your lives for us. Thank you for what you do. And to all the families behind you, thank you as well for your sacrifice. I know a thank you and recognition at sporting events are just small gestures compared to the significance of what you do. But these gestures are genuine, honest, and sincere. Thank you.

I am proud to be an American. I am proud of our troops.

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