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In this month’s Esquire, the cover story on Matt Damon tells an antidote about the filming of his new movie Elysium and how he was such a valuable “target” that the movie studio had to hire a security detail to follow him around and make sure he didn’t get kidnapped for ransom.


Crazy, right?

The paparazzi are one thing, ruining a perfectly good meal at The Ivy. But full-on people for money transactions are a whole new ballgame.

Unfortunately, there are many countries where this could have been a problem for Mr. Damon. He isn’t even the first celebrity to have this happen. He won’t be the last. But at the end of the day, he’s going to come home to California or Boston or wherever a star like Matt Damon lives and move on with his awesome life with his awesome family.

He’s not going to need the security detail when he gets there. He will have made over $15 million dollars for a few weeks work. You’ll probably end up seeing the finished product at some point and like it, because, you know… Matt Damon.

Other places hate the fact that a ‘Matt Damon’ exists. So much so, that if they had it their way, they’d rather see all of us dead than have the cycle repeated with whatever Matt Damon vehicle is in pre-production.

They won’t get their way, though.

Because there are men and women (much braver than I) willing to put themselves in harm’s way to make sure that I get my Matt Damon.

They’re away from their families. In places that we couldn’t even imagine. Doing things that are unbelievable. And they call it a day of work same as me or you. Maybe it sounds trite to say thank you, because that doesn’t seem fair. Thank you for passing the salt. Thank you for opening a door. Thank you… for risking your life?

I take solace in the fact that they’re going to continue to take risks we’ll never know about and all they ask in return is that we continue to go out an enjoy the freedoms they bravely protect.

It might not seem like a very patriotic thing, seeing a Matt Damon movie. But in a way, it’s honoring the people that help make Matt Damon possible.

And just in case Elysium isnt’ all that good: thank you to all that serve.

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