Yahoo: Is The Time Right To Trade Freese?

Recently, I took the time to look into the scenario of trading hometown hero David Freese while the time is right for the St. Louis Cardinals.

MLB: NLCS-San Francisco Giants at St. Louis Cardinals

To say the idea is not well received, especially by Yahoo fans, would be an understatement.  However, the reasons to move now are compelling and the idea seems to be a popular one around the internet these days.  In the article, I explain:

The Cardinals have a few needs as they enter the second half of the season. While the bullpen has seemed to calm down and settle into their roles quite nicely, the rotation has been battered by injuries and could use an inning-eater of a pitcher to help hold it down. In addition, despite his ability to hit with runners in scoring position, the team could utilize a substantial upgrade at shortstop over Pete Kozma. A combination of Freese and a prospect could yield a starting pitcher and above-average shortstop in most scenarios.

The team wants to upgrade at a few spots as they enter the second-half of the season.  If you expect to get something in return, you will have to give something up.  Freese may be the right piece given all the variables.

Do I want to see Freese traded away? No.

Am I willing to entertain the idea if it improves this team? You bet.

Read the Yahoo piece here and feel free to use the comments there or here to let me know your thoughts.

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