Kansas City Royals: Winning Makes A Big Difference


The Kansas City Royals are quite a few seasons removed from a winning baseball season.  This season was supposed to make all the difference and help the team start anew.

One of the caveats to the Royals playing so bad for so long is the lackluster television deal that they have in place.  A deal that will not put all 162 games on the air locally, one of the few deals left out there of it’s kind.  The team finds itself preempted for Kansas City Chiefs coverage and other local events, leaving baseball die-hards yearning for the team to turn it around.

If we can rely on the television ratings, the fans seem ready for this team to do just that.

According to information provided to i70 by Fox Sports, the Royals have set a new record for viewership of a game three times in 2013.   They have also added another game this season in the top-five all time most viewed games in Royals history.

Highest-rated Royals games all time on FOX Sports Kansas City

Rank Rating   Date   Game
1. 8.8 6/11/13 vs. Detroit
2. 8.1 6/10/13 vs. Detroit
3. 7.9 4/28/13 vs. Cleveland (Game 1)
4. 7.5 5/6/09 vs. Seattle
5. 7.4 4/21/13 at Boston (Game 1)

It is obvious that Kansas City is ready for a winning sports team to take hold.  It is also obvious that they are ready to get behind the Royals in a big way.

The team needs to continue winning and show the city they are ready to be supported.

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