Through The Fence Fantasy Baseball

Here at i70baseball, we do not host or sponsor any Fantasy Baseball Leagues.

That’s not to say we don’t participate and have some fun.

Friends of the site, Through The Fence Baseball, host a number of leagues and they need some help filling them up.  The guys over there sent the following information and asked us to pass it along.


Through The Fence Baseball still has room left in their eight league fantasy challenge! Each league features bragging rights and a $20 purse. There’s a bigger kick that just got added: each league winner will be added to one league next year and the winner will take home the big prize that features a $100 prize.  All that to play a free game! Head here to play now!
Here’s the league rundown.

TTFB National League – Draft: March 13th – 6PM – Head-to-Head Scoring [LEAGUE FULL]

TTFB American League – Draft: March 14th – 8PM – Rotisserie [six spots left]

TTFB Division League – Draft: March 27th – 8PM – Hall of Shame (Worst teams wins!) [eight spots left]

TTFB Conference League – Draft: March 12 – 8:30PM – Triple Crown (Only triple crown categories!) [ten spots left]

TTFB Singles League – Draft: March 20 – 8PM – Pitchers Duel (Do we have to explain this?) [11 spots left]

TTFB Homers League – Draft: March 25 – 8PM – Homers (Just the long ball!) [seven spots left]

TTFB Wins League – Draft: March 22 – 5:15PM – Head-to-Head One Win [nine spots left]

TTFB Finals League – Draft: March 19 – 4:15PM – Total Points [six spots left]

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