Let Sluggerrr And Strike The Sasquatch Spice Up Your Love Life

Valentine’s Day (or as I like to call it, Singles Appreciation Day) is coming up and you need to find a way to symbolize your love to that special someone. Yes, a Larry the Cable Guy Valentine’s Day card and one of those flowers sold at convenience store counters is thoughtful, but every guy does that. You need originality, something unexpected. Something with a pinch of dangerous sexuality.


Before you buy a vacuum cleaner for your lady or a Twilight box set for your man, consider getting a Sluggerrr Gram, courtesy of the Kansas City Royals. For the low price of $150, your special someone will receive roses, chocolates, a Sluggerrr T-Shirt, heart-shaped balloons, a personalized autograph card made out to “The World’s Best Valentine” and a buy one, get one voucher to select 2013 Royals home games. Oh, did I mention a seven-foot tall lion wearing a tuxedo and a crown on his head delivers this? Yes, Sluggerrr, the lion Lothario will give your special someone a fun memory… or disturb them greatly.

But act fast, because you’ll need to place your order by February 11. Your link to lover’s luckytown is here.

Maybe your sweetheart isn’t into lions or you live in the Northwest Arkansas area. Well, don’t fret, because the AA Northwest Arkansas Naturals can save you from another cold, awkward Valentine’s Day. For the low price of $50, your sweetheart will receive two Naturals ticket vouchers, a rose, and a box of chocolates, all delivered by that sexy beast, Strike the Sasquatch.

What man or woman doesn’t want a valentine delivered by 6’9″ hairy creature wearing a tuxedo? (I’m not sure if Strike will wear a tuxedo, but I hope he does wear clothes.) Especially if they’re into that “furry” business.

If you want Strike to score some points for you, you’ll need to place your order by February 8. Your link to get some Valentine’s Day lovin’ is here.

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