Has it been this long?

So, this blogging thing is like riding a bike… right??

This season has been a crazy, hot MESS (and I’m not even talking about the baseball stuff yet.)  Angela had a wedding to plan.  I had a family to pack up and move to a new town.  Needless to say, we’ve both been spread thinner than the bullpen back in April and May.

And last night the Cardinals got pummeled in true Cubs-like fashion, FIFTEEN to zip by Buster Posey and Co.

Now’s a good time to fire up the laptop?
Yes, I must be crazy.

Beyond the highs and lows of a half-spent season, this year has afforded me yet another baseball experience.  Over the past half-decade, I’ve been tagged as the “new fan”, the “learning fan”, the “addict” who HAD to see every single moment of every game (including pre- and post-game broadcasts) and even became the anything-baseball Go-To Girl among family and friends.  I was lucky enough to experience one of those bucket list moments, being at a Game 7 when my team won the World Series.  It has been a crazy awesome baseball fan timeline.
And then 2012 happened.

The season started with a bang.  Winter Warm-Up led to Opening Day and the Cardinals weren’t just the Cardinals.  They were the WORLD SERIES CHAMPION St. Louis Cardinals.  New manager…  Albert who? … Cardinal Nation was abuzz and our boys were poised to continue the fairytale.

Then the injury bug bit the Cards (as it sometimes does) and some not-so-champion-like performances were stacking up (like they sometimes do.)

On my side of the diamond, I was being forced to experience baseball in a manner I’d only heard of:  casually.  Aside from the time-sucking saga of relocating, a couple of injuries of my own put my camera wielding abilities on the extended DL, forcing also my AAA photo safari adventures on indefinite hiatus.

I was beginning to understand “those” fans: the ones who follow it but aren’t experiencing it.  They aren’t living and breathing it, aren’t hanging on every pitch and celebrating (or mourning) what each new game dealt.  Apparently true fans can fall under this category, and I (sigh) have become one.  I’d often wondered what it would feel like to not immediately know who was tonight’s starting pitcher or why and when one of our boys was put on the DL.  How can anyone who considers themself a fan survive (and admit) that this is their story?  This year is teaching me just that.

“It’s okay to be a casual fan.”

I am still struggling to embrace this idea.  Isn’t part of being a good fan the knowing??  Knowing the team, knowing the situation, knowing the stuff that fills in all the behind-the-scenes blanks.  The rumors, the injuries, the hype and the personalities – these make the grand story of a baseball season into an epic adventure.

So what’s a recovering baseball junkie to do when she just can’t do it all?

12 things I know as a casual fan in 2012:

1) The team will play whether I am watching or not.

2) The team’s chances of winning will not be lessened if I do not watch the entire game.  AND it is NOT my fault if they lose.  (rinse and repeat, as necessary)

3) During reports of a slump it is much easier on your mental health to be a casual fan.

4) Other bloggers will hold down the fort and comment, complain, bemoan, celebrate and analyze all details; and I WILL NOT feel smarter than a 5th grader reading things I know nothing about.  (This is okay.  Rinse and repeat.)

5) I still absolutely do NOT like the Reds while I simultaneously DO like many of the Reds players.  (and for this, I still have no logical explanation.)

6) I have always liked Tyler Greene, and apparently this is best maintained by not watching him play. (**and as I wrote this, Tyler Greene was apparently traded to Houston?  wow!)

7) Carlos Beltran is good.  Carlos Beltran is “2011 Lance Berkman” good.

8) 2012 Lance Berkman is not like 2011 Lance Berkman – except he remains most definitely one of the best, kindest and most positive baseball personalities ever.

9) Daniel Descalso is fabulous.  He will snag uncatchable baseballs while defying gravity and will inevitably be on any highlight reels I happen to watch.

10) Adam Wainwright is a goofball. (see video proof posted on Twitter)

11) Yadi is a base-stealing ninja.  *things I never thought I’d say

12)… and yes, Matt Holliday still heats up as the weather heats up.

It takes 162, so Play Ball!!
… and I’ll try and keep up.  ;)

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  1. Great post! Nothing wrong with being a casual fan, it typically happens to me around the All-Star break every year… I stop watching so much, reading so much, and even going to as many games (it’s too hot!) but then it picks back up again in August/September.

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