The Royals Revolution

Hi, I am the Kool Aid Drinker…and I am a Kansas City Royals fan…a Royals blogger…a Royals dad. That’s right; I’ve turned my kids onto the torture. I generally write the most positive spin you can find outside of Rex Hudler’s diary. I make asinine predictions…I write odes to DHs…I hate the Cardinals, partly because their organization has shown a beam of light onto the embarrassment that is ours…I get way too excited about young pitchers…hitters…and strength of schedule…I believed in Dayton Moore and it cost me my credibility, I supported David Glass and it cost me my integrity….I don’t have the pride to walk away or the stomach to keep watching.

There are many of you like me, we come here every August (or June…or May), and it is essentially purgatory for fans. It feels closer to hell, but we can get out. We could always get out. There’s a light over there, it is bright red…so many of us have…so many Cardinals fans that could have, should have been Royals fans. Why don’t we? Why the hell are we still here? Does anyone truly think this gets better as long as David Glass owns the team? If not, then shouldn’t we at least boycott the team? It’s so funny, we live in a nation where people will boycott a restaurant we enjoy because of their owner’s political views but we won’t boycott a baseball team that hasn’t put a good product on the field for 27 years…run by an owner that has never put a good product on the field. Ever. Glass has been so terrible the Royals could go undefeated for the next two seasons and they would still be below .500 under his ownership.

What we need is a revolution…an Arab Spring of sorts. No, I am not suggesting violence, I am suggesting hurting David Glass the only place it matters to him, his wallet. But, you say, Odorizzi and Myers are right around the corner. You know why they’re right around the corner? Because Dayton Moore hasn’t found someone else to pimp as the future quite yet. As soon as Yordano Ventura and Jorge Bonifacio look a little more polished, as soon as us bloggers start drooling over them, Moore will call up Odorizzi and Myers and claim it is part of “The Process”. What “The Process” really means is keeping just enough talent in the minors to keep your fans thinking the future will be better. The future will never be better until this list of demands is met:

–          Ned Yost must be fired. He was a mediocre National League manager, and he is atrocious in the superior league. Anyone that cannot see this does not belong in baseball. I am looking at you Dayton Moore.

–          David Glass must stop lying through his teeth and actually try to break even instead of pocketing millions of dollars. He wants to keep the $250 million+ that he has made in equity? That seems fair, I am all for capitalism. But the $100 million+ you’ve made in profits needs to go into the team this offseason, and the payroll needs to go up to a floor of $80 million per year.

–          Dayton Moore must be held accountable. Dayton gets the money I mentioned above, and a new manager, to turn this team into a winner NEXT YEAR. If we don’t win 85 games, he’s gone.

It is really as simple as that. Three steps to winning. Three steps to accountability. History tells us they’ll never do it, you know why? There are no consequences. Glass has made a profit on us for twelve years by doing nothing…NOTHING…to try to win. He himself is a Cardinals fan, he prides himself in their wins and our profits. Take those profits away Kansas City. I’ll draft the letter to Mr. Glass explaining what we are doing if someone more powerful than myself can organize the boycott. September 1 seems like a good date, it’s his birthday. We proved at All Star weekend that we’re a great baseball town. Now let’s prove we aren’t suckers…or at least we aren’t going to be anymore.

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