Is it time to trade Wil Myers?

If you are ever looking for the definition of forcing an organization’s hand, you need look no further than Wil Myers. Myers is doing his best Eric Hosmer impersonation in 2012 and at some point this season the Kansas City Royals are going to have a decision to make. The options are numerous, but unfortunately none of them will be easy.

Option 1: Free Wil Myers!

Bringing Myers’ hot bat up to KC is probably the favorite option amongst Royals fans, but the question is, where? Jeff Francoeur and Alex Gordon are both under contract for at least the next two years and the club still has no idea what it has in Lorenzo Cain. Mike Moustakas is firmly entrenched at third. The only real option this season would be to send Eric Hosmer down for seasoning and bring Myers up to DH and spell outfielders while Billy Butler plays first. I don’t like the idea of Hosmer in Omaha or Billy Butler playing first base.

Of course you could avoid that whole mess by trading one of these big leaguers for starting pitching help…but who? I doubt anyone wants Gordon’s new contract until he proves last year wasn’t a fluke, and then Dayton Moore wouldn’t trade him anyway. Francoeur is coveted by no one as much as he is by Dayton Moore. Lorenzo Cain is injured. So that leaves Mike Moustakas…but really, if you’re going to trade Moustakas why wouldn’t you just…

Option 2: Trade Wil Myers

There is something to be said for trading players at their peak values, but this is not something the Royals have excelled at. Myers would probably bring a nice haul of prospect arms, but the Royals have shown that prospect arms rarely turn into starting rotation arms. Trading Myers for a starting pitcher would prove even more difficult. Most of the pitchers available on the market are free agents at the end of this season. Why in the world would you trade a prospect that you control for the next 6 years for a rent-a-starter when you are 10 games under .500?

So that leaves the only option as packaging Myers with other prospects for a pitcher you can control for 2+ years. Honestly, the list of good young pitchers locked up for 2+ years and available is ridiculously short. Of course, that lack of supply makes demand ridiculously high, which to me means trading Wil Myers is probably a bad solution.

Option 3: Platoon Wil Myers

I kid, I kid. I assume the Royals will not give Myers the Johnny Giavotella treatment. However, as much as this organization loves utility infielders, can we completely rule out the utility slugger? Myers can conceivably play all three outfield positions, third base and first base. Obviously he could fill in at DH as well. I wouldn’t put it past this organization to bring Myers up and play him 5 days a week at a different position each day.

Honestly, I am not sure I have the solution. Even though I hate option three, it would at least help the lineup. Best case scenario? Frenchy keeps up his current streak and we trade him and Broxton for a couple of AA All Stars in July, freeing up Wil Myers to play RF and Kelvin Herrera to get a chance to close. Of course, the idea of Dayton Moore trading Frenchy is like asking my 10 year old to give up his Xbox…you can’t fight love.

Author: Kool Aid Drinker

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  1. I love me some Frenchie, great all around guy, and producing this year, but he’s got to go. He’s not going to hit more than 25 bombs, those 22 SBs last year are looking flukish, and he’s never been great at getting on base.

    Maybe you could flip him to Boston or SF, but you’ll have to eat contract and won’t get much back..,

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  2. As a Braves fan, I love this idea! And Atlanta has plenty of arms to part with a few for Myers.

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    • I was reallllllly hoping that the braves and royals would have worked out a deal this Spring……Jair Jurrjens and Prado for Myers and something else I believe another top player/prospect. Right now I know Prado is raking but I’d take Jurrjens and Prado for Myers all day long….we NEED a right handed power bat.

      That being said…..we almost got Baltimore to bite on Jurrjens/Prado and Adam Jones….

      Atlanta should send Julio Teheran to them for Myers……move Prado to 3B next year and Myers in left….move Heyward to CF if we can’t resign Bourn and sign Nick Swisher to play RF…….I’ll take it.

      I wonder if the Braves would get in on a Youk trade or a Carlos Quentin trade right now?

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      • First off, the Orioles were never going to trade Jones for Prado and Jurjens. That was nothing more than a silly rumor, and the Orioles would have been silly, if not stupid to even consider it.

        Secondly, there are simply precious few impact bats in the game today. Maybe it’s cyclical, or maybe it’s some kind of post-steroids thing, but given the lack of hitting today a power bat like Myers is worth its weight in gold.

        Teheran, meanwhile, is starting to look like just another in a long line of over-hyped arms in the Braves system.

        I hate to say it, but the run of dominance appears to be a distant memory now for Atlanta, as other than Simmons and Freeman, they simply don’t have any great young position players anymore, while suddenly there are great young arms all over baseball.

        Meaning the thing that always separated the Braves from the pack — namely starting pitching — suddenly doesn’t look quite as precious as it did five years ago.

        Myers isn’t going anywhere, and unless Dayton Moore is still mooning over what few prospects remain in his former system, I seriously doubt he’s going to the Braves for Teheran or even Teheran and someone.

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        • It’s still too early to imply that Teheran’s a bust, but the Braves system is packed with arms & Dayton Moore knows that. And I’m pretty sure Wren has his eye on Myers. There’s defintiely a trade there….

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  3. You missed entirely on the most obvious and likely option. Start Myers in CF, make Cain your 4th OF and shitcan Dyson and Maier. Duh.

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    • Myers can’t play CF……esp long term, he’s new to the OF anyway……

      I’d try and trade Frenchie, like someone above said he’s never been an OBP guy, he should get a contender in search of RH power bat (ATL is looking hard at RH power bats….. even though i wouldn’t want him unless we got him extra cheap)

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      • Alex Gordon to CF (he’s the best athlete), put Cain in LF and Myers in RF

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  4. Myers plays CF every day in AAA.

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    • exactly. My scenerio is not only plausible but could come to fruition any day now. Odorizer will also be called up any day. possibly Thursday.

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  5. In 2012, through 6/4 Myers has played 6 games in Centerfield and 13 as the DH in Omaha (AAA) so I would say “every day” is a bit of a stretch.

    In Northwest Arkansas (AA) he played 20 games in center, 13 in right, 2 at third base and 2 as the DH.

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