After 100 posts, there’s more to baseball than wins and losses

The Royals are like your kids. You don’t love them because they’re good. You love them because they’re yours.

For more than two decades I’ve loved a loser. But like a parent, I could never give up on my kid and move on to another.

After 100 posts covering my favorite team in all sports, I’ve come to the conclusion that loving a baseball team can’t be about winning and losing. And further, writing about baseball can’t be about winning and losing.

As a journalist, I’ve covered floods, storms, arrests, trials, legislative proceedings, and business and religious events. All those would seem infinitely more important than sports.

Yet I spend most of my time covering sports. Why? Is it because I’m lazy or unable to focus my feeble mind on more important matters?


But there is something about sports that draws me. When I see children playing on a playground, my eyes are unavoidably drawn to those who are competing at a sport, rather than the ones on the swings or playing imagination games. Why is that?

I recently came to the conclusion that I’m drawn to any sport where I see people trying to accomplish a task. Whether it’s a small child trying to put a ball in a hoop, or a general manager trying to rebuild a loser through the draft, there is some challenge that requires determination, resilience and effort.

So perhaps floods, trials and elections are no more important than the Royals snapping a 12-game losing streak. After all, the human struggle to overcome, persevere and achieve is played out no more gloriously than on the athletic field.

The Royals continue to dredge the depths of the baseball world. They continue to lose far more games than they win. But they persevere in the battle to overcome. And that’s why I’m drawn to watch.

When it comes to the Royals, I am more drawn to write stories about minor leaguers and about the draft, and about roster makeup than I am about the wins and losses of the big league club. And I think that’s because I’m more into the grind to develop than I am about the wins and losses.

The losses keep coming. We hoped this year would be different. But so far it’s not. Still, I keep watching, keep writing, keep caring.


After 100 posts, I’m still just as passionate about my team as a parent is about their child. Some day they’ll win, but that doesn’t matter. What matters most is the struggle the Royals engage in, to overcome, to persevere, and to achieve.

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