“Our Time” To Question “The Process”

After a 6-16 start, Royals fans should no longer give this organization the benefit of the doubt.

This column was supposed to be about Albert Pujols’ slow start and how that might affect the Royals’ ability to sign Eric Hosmer to a long-term contract. However, that idea will be saved for another day. Going into Tuesday night’s game, the Royals had won 3 out of their last 4 games, and fans were given reason to believe that things were looking a bit more positive after the 12 game losing streak the team had just snapped. And then tonight happened. The Royals were blown out 9-3 by the Detroit Tigers, while Luke Hochevar had his 2nd historically horrific first inning of the young season.

Royals fans have taken the organization to task for this year’s slogan, “Our Time”. But is this really any different than any of the other BS that has been spewed to the fan base over the last 20 years? “The Process” is appearing to be nothing more than another meaningless phrase used to dupe a naive fan base that has endured so much misery that they are willing to latch onto any positive sign that may present itself, even if it happens to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

The Royals can use whatever catchy, feel-good phrases and buzzwords they want to use. Royals fans will not be falling for this anymore, nor should they. There isn’t much more to say at this point. The Pujols/Hosmer column may or may not be written. If things continue down this road, it won’t matter whether Pujols is making Hosmer more sign-able. Because he will be ready to hop on the first bus out of town when his contract is up, just like Johnny Damon, Zack Greinke, Carlos Beltran, and pretty much every player worth keeping that has come through Kansas City in the last 20 years has.

6 thoughts on ““Our Time” To Question “The Process”

  1. Oh my, an upcoming Eric Hosmer article. The excitement is unbearable I can’t wait!

    After 20 games the author has gone from Royals’ biggest fan to their biggest hater. It’s the Romney of KC Royals.

      1. Haha Really…you are not too quick on the uptake, are you? Pretty sure that the point in DiCarlo’s story was that because he’s a huge Royals fan, he is extremely disappointed and frustrated by the 20 years of lip service the organization has been doling out. If he wasn’t a fan, he wouldn’t have wasted the keystrokes to rebuke their miserable performance thus far.

        Fans are entitled to voice disgust and disenchantment with the teams they support. The Royals leadership is letting us all down, and we continue to pay to watch a poor product on the field. Maybe the best thing a fan can do is to stop spending our fan dollars at the K until such a time when Royals Management sees fit to put a product on the field worth paying to see. Maybe the true test of ones “Fan-aticism” is being willing to show tough love for the home-town team when circumstances require it. Decades of coddling failure seems like enough insanity to me.

        Kudos, DiCarlo…keep preaching the Gospel!

  2. I think it was really supposed to mean…It’s Our Time to get another top draft pick.

    I like the article Mr DiCarlo…keep it up!

  3. No team in the majors has won less than three games at home, other than the Royals who have won exactly zero.

    Dayton Moore wasn’t lying when he said he’d bring an exciting team to the field this year. He got the All Star game didn’t he?

    I’m convinced “Our Time” simply meant “to host the All Star game.”

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