Showing your pride

Showing your pride in your team can take many different forms.

Some people find ways to wear team clothing on a regular basis.  Offices organize days that the entirety of the work force can show their support.

A visit to a local shopping mall will provide you with all of the apparel, decorations, and merchandise you could every dream of to ensure that your team is every where you look.

The problem is, I am (and many of you are) a self professed “geek”.  My love of my team, my game, and everything that is baseball has taken a very cyber turn as of late.  From the amazing calendar desktops produced by the designer of this very site over at D-Two to a massive collection of pictures, art, logos and e-books/magazines, my laptop screen is as much a tribute to the World Champions as anything else in my life.

Combining the ability to keep up with your team with the beauty of displaying your pride for them is the new line of browser plugins recently introduced by MLB and design group Brand Thunder.  All 30 teams are represented and the plugin, which I have been using for more than a week now, gives you direct links to your teams website, scoreboard, facebook page, twitter stream, ticket site, and the ability to search your team’s website.  In addition, the most recent news stories for your team are tucked away nicely and a click away from opening in your browser.

It’s non-obtrusive, available for all the major browsers, and gives the top of your screen a Go Team kind of feel to it.

Best of all, it is all FREE.

Below you can find links to the plugins for the two teams here at I-70, the Royals and the Cardinals, just click the logo of your choice and you will be taken directly to the download page.


Give them a download, install them, and let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

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