It’s Miller time, well almost

If 2011 wasn’t exciting enough, 2012 will likely bring the debut of the 21-year-old Miller…at some point.  Shelby Miller is a gem in a talented and improving St. Louis Cardinals’ system.  Cardinal Nation needs to start getting excited.

With a rotation that already features Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter and the emerging Jaime Garcia, the Cardinals are in great shape for years to come. Adding Miller to the mix in or around September will only boost a great pitching staff and make the Cardinals better.

He is unquestionably one of the best pitching prospects in all of baseball. Hype like that calls for future ace status.

Here are three reasons why Shelby Miller won’t disappoint.

Shelby Miller possesses a fastball which always lingers around the mid-90’s. More importantly, Miller has an incredible ability to command the pitch.

His ability to paint the strikezone’s corners make the fastball his best asset.

The Major League is full of sluggers who can drive breaking balls out of the park and, as a result, the fastball is becoming more important than ever.

Shelby Miller doesn’t need to worry about that. If he becomes a true ace, much thanks will go to his fastball.

At just 21, Shelby Miller is showing a lot of discipline and consistency with his entire delivery.

It is that delivery that is helping the righty remain one of the top prospects in all of baseball.

Miller’s delivery is nothing flashy. It is compact and coordinated. Perhaps the best feature is his leg strength.

His leg power allows for an excellent push-off on the mound, giving him the extra momentum on his fastball that can now reach up to 97 mph.

His 6-foot-3 frame certainly helps as well.

If Miller builds on his delivery and progresses, we could be looking at one one of the least hittable young pitchers in baseball.

Right now, Shelby Miller has no reason to complain about his situation.

The Cardinals aren’t rebuilding or a struggling team looking for a face to boost their franchise, and they already have two bona fide aces on their staff in Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter.

But how long will those guys be around?

Wainwright hasn’t pitched in nearly a year due to Tommy John surgery and Carpenter will be a seasoned 37 years old come April.

If the spotlights get dimmer on both Carp and Wainwright, Shelby Miller will be there to pick up where the left off.

He has no other choice.

Jaime Garcia is not a No. 1 pitcher and the other St. Louis prospects will take much longer than Miller to develop.

Shelby Miller must be the ace of the St. Louis Cardinals.

One thought on “It’s Miller time, well almost

  1. “Jaime Garcia is not a No. 1 pitcher”

    what if he finished in the top 3 in the cy young this year?
    cause I’ve gotta feeling that he’s going to have a very nice year.

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