9 Days: Until pitcher and catchers report to Spring Training.

23 Days: Until the start of the Cactus League.

55 Days: Until Opening Night.

We have reached the abyss in the sports world that is marked by the Super Bowl at the beginning and Spring Training at the end. There isn’t much going on in the sports world that I care about. No, I’m not real excited about Truck Day. It’s so bad that I watched an NBA game for .05 seconds. It almost like I’m injured. Like I need some sort of assistance to help me get through these few weeks known as The Sports Abyss. What I need is some crutches.

I think I’ve found them. These crutches come in the form of College Basketball. Living in Kansas you get weird looks when you tell people you would rather listen to a meaningless spring training game on the radio over watching the NCAA Tournament. I have done this numerous times. However, if the splintering of Royals Nation into their respective college camps doesn’t entertain you, you just don’t like sports.

Basketball is not even my fourth favorite sport. There so much college basketball inventory on television it’s hard to miss. It’s on seven nights week. Even baseball and it’s 2430 regularly scheduled games takes a few nights off during the season. If you’re going to survive the winter you might as well learn to like college basketball. Why favor college basketball over the NBA? College Basketball is only two 20 minute halves. It’s quick and simple. There are a lot of teams and stories to follow. But mostly, it’s the smack talking border skirmishes that happened between two passionate fanbases. College Basketball isn’t baseball. But it is appropriate that the College Basketball regular season ends the same day exhibition baseball starts. That is why College Basketball is the crutch that gets me from the Super Bowl to Spring Training.

The picture above was created by my friend James Tyree. Earlier this week he got some of his work mentioned on HardballTalk. He’s a big Royals fan and you can expect more work from him in the future. Check out his graphics blog here

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