Our Season Is Almost Here!

It is Super Bowl Sunday.  This year on I-70 we will mark the end of the football season, which is subsequently the beginning of the baseball season, with guest posts from various writers.  The writers will provided with one subject to write about: Why Baseball Is Better Than Football.

What follows is from Rob Harris of Blue Batting Helmet.

Today there’s snow on the ground, and the air is cold. Winter is a tolerable season, but hardly much more than that for me.

I can understand why football fans love this time of year. There’s the NFL playoffs, topped off by the Super Bowl and all of the hype that surrounds it. Football is certainly king on this day, just as it is on Super Sunday every year. And this year’s marquee matchup of Brady vs. Eli Manning makes the drama that much more compelling.

Right now, at the end of all this buildup, there is exactly 60 minutes of play left in the entire football season. No Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime, and it probably won’t happen this year, either. But baseball–on the other hand–is just about to awaken from its offseason hibernation.

Spring is the annual time of rebirth, for nature and for baseball, and it will be here before we know it. Football fans, however, will soon have a long offseason ahead of them. I know whose shoes I’d rather be in tomorrow.

I can sum up why baseball is better than football in three words: “Who’s On First”
–David Henderson

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