Who’s On First? Better Yet: Who Plays Second?

With the recent signing of Chris Getz the Kansas City Royals have opened up options for what will be done with the second base position, that is still up in the air, in 2012.

Photo Courtesy Of Minda Haas

Starting out Spring Training as expected, Johnny Giavotella should be the front runner for the second base job. But with his struggles, both hitting and defensively, last season he may be on a short leash. He must improve his batting average because the Royals will be a team that is able to drive in runs but if there is no one on base that cannot be accomplished.

Option number two would be Chris Getz. While this is not the best solution in the world it will have to do for the time being if Giavotella is not in the big leagues for long. Getz does look like a better option defensively, but with the outs that he makes at the plae and most recently on the bases he just does not seem to fit on this ball club.  Although the Royals did sign and then assign Yuniesky Betancourt to the utility player role, he cannot be expected to step in at a new position right away. Also, we have not seen what he will do without hitting everyday.  It could help his hitting because he is not always pressing but also hurt him because he loves to swing the bat and if he does not get as many chances than he may just swing at anything which defeats the purpose of making less outs at the second base position.  Getz just is not a good enough hitter to be in this lineup.  He is a good player yes, but this team cannot afford to be just giving outs away like candy.

Option number three contains Chris Getz again. He could be used as a filler if the Royals are just waiting for first round draft pick Christian Colon to mature enough to be part of this season’s youth invasion. Though, not having much time in the minor leagues, Colon did play college ball and should be able to mature his game quicker than most of the prospects in the Royals system. If so then the Royals would be relying on yet another rookie to fill a hole if the hole is even dug.

Hopefully, Gio comes out of the gate in Spring Training and plays like he has in past seasons in the minors. If he does than this is all superfluous. But if not then the Royals have options although not the solutions to the problem but fillers for the time being.

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