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Being in the media room for the St. Louis Cardinals Winter Warm Up certainly presents unique opportunities for interaction with players, coaches, and front office personnel that wouldn’t otherwise be available. As a reporter/blogger/whatever you want to call it, I’ve certainly done my best to play the part as I believe it should be played: voice recorder…check; notepad and pen…check; attempt to ask pertinent questions…check. But taking pictures and videos and sharing them with the those that may not otherwise get that glimpse into the team is a thrill, too. So welcome to my Video Blog from the 2012 Winter Warm Up.

Before this gets underway, please forgive my videography skills. They are lacking, if not non-existent. Sometimes I’m too far away and the sound is faint. Sometimes I’m too close to an incessantly clicking camera. Sometimes I have my phone turned the wrong way thinking the video would rotate along with it (it doesn’t). But aside from that, I hope you enjoy.

This first video is of Chris Carpenter from Day 1. Unfortunately I was boxed out a little far from the soft-spoken (who knew?) pitcher and some nearby camera noise really infiltrates the first couple minutes of the video. But he has some great insight about the pitching staff, life after Dave Duncan, and fishing trips that include anacondas. So crank the volume momentarily for the ace of the Cards’ rotation and his media session on Saturday.

OK, turn the volume back down. Next up is Matt Holliday, and I had a much better position for his session.

On to Lance Berkman. Of course my lame shooting skills got in the way again, as my attempt to get a wide-angle video yielded a sideways video. I am an idiot. Fortunately, that only lasts about 35 seconds.

Lance Berkman is a superb interview. The guy has personality and a sense of humor that captivates the room. Enjoy.

And finally, 2011 NLCS and World Series MVP David Freese joined us in the interview room. Again I had a few logistical issues (read: I’m a horrible photographer) but overall it was a great session.

Chris Reed is covering the 2012 Winter Warm Up for I-70 Baseball all weekend. Follow him on Twitter @birdbrained.

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