One Writer’s Royals Resolutions

It’s that time once again when everyone comes up with ways to better themselves. I’ve never been real hot at keeping New Year’s resolutions. But why should I let that keep me from making them?

Of course the real challenge is coming up with the right resolutions. Here are my resolutions in regards to my favorite baseball team: (Some of my resolutions won’t get kept, I can tell that now.)

Stop rooting against Zack Greinke.
Jealousy and bitterness are bad for you. Any doctor will tell you bottling up all that hatred will just make you sick. But when you’re a writer, you need story lines and you need drama. Greinke was the subject of at least three of my pieces in 2011, and he’ll probably be the subject of a few more in 2012. So scratch this one off.

Stop playing “what if” about old Royals teams and players.
It’s time for Royals fans to live in the now. There is too much going on in KC these days to be worried about the past. However, again, as a writer, I can’t write off such rich material. I’ve been playing over “what if” scenarios about the Royals for the past 20 years. In fact I just wrote about one last week. Forget about me keeping this resolution.

Avoid paying those expensive parking fees at Kauffman Stadium.
In an attempt to save money I have walked to the stadium from some distant lot a few times, but it never seems like it’s worth it. I’ll probably punt this one.

Finally take in a Triple-A game in Omaha.
Now here’s one I can hopefully live up to. I’ve been saying I want to see a game in Omaha for several years now. I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of the rising stars play in Northwest Arkansas and Springfield – Greinke, Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas… Well this year I think my life will finally allow me to make it up to Omaha. Hopefully I’ll check this one off.

Stop eating so much junk food at the ballpark.
I think if I replace funnel cakes with Dippin’ Dots I can cut my calories in half.

Stop booing Kyle Davies.

Pay more attention to my family when the Royals are on TV.
This has gotten me in trouble in the past. I swear, I’ll try to watch the game on mute next time my wife needs to talk.

Happy New Year! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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