Winter Chaos

This past week Major League Baseball’s Winter meetings took place in Dallas. Aside from baseball’s offseason actually ending, the Winter Meetings are my favorite part of the offseason. The rumors, rumors of rumors, and whispers of what happened at the hotel make Twitter an interesting baseball read for a short week in December.

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As a Royals fan the Winter Meetings kind of went like a high school dance. There were rumors of the Royals discussing a trade with Oakland for Gio Gonzales. Sure that trade would have cost the Royals Wil Myers and probably another prospect that we all love. However, Gio Gonzales is a good pitcher and only one year closer to Free Agency than Eric Hosmer. Not sure what Oakland wanted but I’m disappointed the Royals did not do that deal. Like a High School dance and you end up dancing with a girl, and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. Then you realize said dance partner is dancing with everyone else at the dance too. Same thing happened with Gio Gonzales. The Athletics were shopping him to anyone that would listen. As soon as the Gio Gonzales talks diminished for the Royals the James Shields talks cranked up. Or at least they were rumored to have heated up. Either way, it was clear that Dayton Moore was checking for prospect market prices on an ace pitcher. I have no doubt Wil Myers was brought up in every negotiation.

At the end of the meetings the Royals only made a minor deal in trading Yamaico Navarro to the Pittsburgh Pirates for infielder Diego Goris and a guy with an awesome baseball name…Brooks Pounders, RHP. Pounders’ name created more buzz than the actual trade, and neither of these players are expected to play above AA in 2012. There are 70 days till spring training so there is time for the Royals to make a major deal. However, it looks like the Royals are content to move forward with their current roster. When you look at the other trades and free agent signings that occurred this week, reality seems kind of underwhelming after the rumors that were flying around. Maybe that’s the price of stability. But it would have been nice to land an ace pitcher capable of making Albert Pujols look silly on Opening Day.

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