Don’t Stop Now, Dayton

After sifting through comments on Facebook and Twitter, it looks like Kansas City Royals fans are split down the middle about the Melky CabreraJonathan Sanchez trade.

The ones who don’t like the trade say something like this:

“Melky was my favorite player! Of course the Royals would trade him.”

“Just like the Royals, trade away one of their best players.”

“Why can’t they trade a player that isn’t so good?”

The ones who do like the trade say something like this:

“Good trade. Melky had a good year, but we need pitching.”

Lorenzo Cain to center field, we add a good starting pitcher. Well done.”

“We don’t know if Melky can put up such great numbers again, and Sanchez is more proven.”

There is a big difference between these two types of fans. The first group likes to link the Royals of today to the Royals of the past 15 years. The second group looks at the logical side of things and realizes that the Royals just filled a major need.

Now, I don’t think anybody can predict if the Royals will win this trade or not. The first group of fans could be right. Sanchez could flake out, and Cabrera could put his 2011 numbers up for the next five years. However, this trade had to be done. Any fan who knows anything about what direction the team is headed, knows that it was the best thing to do. Anyone who follows the Royals closely knew that either Cabrera or Cain had to go this offseason, and it just happened to be the one who was a household name.

On the other hand, what is known is that the Royals just upgraded at their biggest need. Starting pitching was their obvious weak link in 2011 and Dayton Moore is done waiting around for the future. He pulled the trigger on a huge deal for the Royals and should be applauded for it.

Don’t expect him to be done wheeling and dealing, though. This offseason is far from over and the Royals could use another starter. Don’t stop now, Dayton.

Other notes:
Congrats to Alex Gordon for winning his first ever Gold Glove. Much deserved and hopefully more to come.

Royals Tweet of the Week:

A staff of Hochevar, Sanchez, Jurrjens, Duffy and possibly Chen wouldn't be great, but would be much, much better than last year #Royals
Dalton Vitt

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